Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mission Possible: Becoming a World-Class Organization While There's Still Time by Ken Blanchard

Winning Business Strategies for the 21st Century Is it possible for managers to improve your present organization while at the same time innovating building for the future? It is now with the new Mission Possible. Best-Selling author Ken Blanchard and Terry Waghorn take the latest growth strategies and organizational change theories out of the ivory tower think-tanks and put them right into your hands. Their groundbreaking Five Point Plan shows you exactly how to get maximum results from your employees each and every day... achieve short-term organizational objectives... effectively plan for the future without sacrificing current goals... identify and motivate doers and planners... organize teams with winning attitudes... and more. It's your blueprint for taking an active role in building your organization into a world class operation and ensuring continued success through the 21st century.

From its opening title to closing references and bibliography, a new book by the eminent business guru Ken Blanchard argues pointedly and optimistically for business to expand, adapt or die, but also to improve what you do best. A modern folk song for the new millenium written persuasively by an author whose message has influence. Mission Possible calls for keeping one foot firmly planted in the present while the other forges boldly ahead. Blanchard, author of the best-selling One Minute Manager (1982), insists that for today's businesses to remain viable, managers must be "working on the present and the future of [their] organizations at the same time." His latest book is built around that central thesis. For managers to put this concept into practice, Blanchard offers three important premises: success in business is based on the creative use of untapped human energy, tapping into this resource requires managers to make partners of the people who work for them, and making people partners requires that they are meaningfully engaged "in either improving the present operation of the organization or creating its future." In elucidating his ideas, Blanchard brings into the discussion numerous specific examples and many words of wisdom from other management gurus. His logic makes sense; leaders need to pay attention. Based on his reputation and heavy publisher promotion, expect high demand. Table of contents

Once Upon A Sandcastle: Building Tomorrow Today.

Redesigning the Castle: First Curve Improvements.

Taking the High Ground: Second Curve Recreation.

Managing in a 2-Curve World: Understanding Corporate Change.

Partnering with Different Viewpoints.

Might-Be Scenarios: Examples of Creating a World-Class Organization.

Becoming World-Class Starts Within.

No Mirrors, Please.
This book by far the best book I have read which really make sense on what to do to be success in what ever business your in. So if you are a manage, business man, a shareholder or you are just someone who runs a business organisation and want to know what to do for your organisation to reach its full potential then click on the click to amazon and buy the book if you already dont have a copy.